How to transition from non-value, silo meetings to holistic business thinking?

  Silent Meetings  Why is everybody looking for my reaction? Why is nobody taking the lead and showing some proactivity? If I wouldn’t raise a question about clients paying us on time, would someone else think of this?  Would this meeting happen if I wouldn’t be here? Do you recognise this inner dialogue during the […]

Holistic Business Woman in Your Boardroom

“I must prove my worth to them” – the inner voice of many profoundly gifted women leaders.  Feeling the need to prove yourself to others is a dangerous thought. For those women who are elite experts in their business arena, the fear of being rejected by others keeps them small. It inhibits their creativity, innovation, […]

The 5 elements of a Holistic Enterprise

  You’re the CEO of your business.  You poured your soul, mind, time and money investments into your business.  Today, you give more than you take.  You spent enough years in business to believe that “the devil is in the detail”, and you prefer the execution of your vision to be done by your team without […]

Mainstream vs Holistic CEO

  You created your business because you hate stifled hierarchies, and corporate nonsense.   You  became an entrepreneur or CEO because you were longing for your own playground, without any boundaries, or the command and control from above.  Your purpose is most likely bigger than your life. The impact you are unfolding is beyond serving the shareholders.  You are not […]