Holistic Business Woman in Your Boardroom

“I must prove my worth to them” – the inner voice of many profoundly gifted women leaders. 

Feeling the need to prove yourself to others is a dangerous thought.

For those women who are elite experts in their business arena, the fear of being rejected by others keeps them small. It inhibits their creativity, innovation, and unique brilliance. 

I don’t know how you feel, but…

I am tired of proving my worth.

I am tired of dulling down my truth and bravery in exchange for security, safety and approval.

I am tired of reading statistics and hearing about feminine worth in business boards because I’ve seen it with my own eyes. 

The Vicious Cycle 

A vast majority of CEOs globally are males who adopt the silent internal belief of “I know best” in the presence of their board.

Meanwhile, male board members often rely on their own experiences and implicit biases when diagnosing problems and advising solutions.

The advice is often too generic, adding little value for the CEO, as valuable advice can only come from understanding the enterprise as an end-to-end holistic ecosystem. 

When male CEOs do have doubts, they are often afraid to verbalize them to male board members in case they are perceived as ‘weak’ and not capable of leading the organisation. 

If a CEO can’t share their doubts openly, deep dialogue and mindful reflection cannot take place, and therefore the advice provided by the board will not add value. 

The organisational management continues to operate on the same old knowledge and paradigm, delivering the same mediocre results yearly.

 The Female Influence

Listen to me. We have nothing to prove!

I’ve witnessed that bringing in female board members can help break this vicious cycle of mediocrity; an experience backed up by research. 

The findings of a 2020 study by leadership experts Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman found that women were rated more positively on 13 of the 19 competency assessments that encompass overall leadership effectiveness, with particular reference to leadership in a crisis. 

Women specifically rated highly on critical boardroom competencies, such as championing change, establishing stretched goals, collaboration and teamwork, and customer focus. 
This is reflected in my own experience: Male CEOs are more open to sharing their internal doubts with female board members, helping to foster an open and systematic dialogue where new knowledge is created.

Added Value of Diversity

Specific ways in which female board members bring even more to the table: 

  • They see the bigger picture – the customer, supplier, government needs and interactions, and can make the connections so desperately needed in our ever-increasingly siloed business world. 
  • They have the natural ability to see the enterprise as a holistic system, with its inter-dependencies and cross-disciplinary context. 
  • They take the initiative to recognise functional problems and champion changes to solve them.
  • They can work collaboratively with the male CEO to take him outside the C suite’s confines and help him see the enterprise outside in, from the broader ecosystems perspective.
  • They can drive results by making the male CEO aware of the internal managerial routines, ensuring they are designed for value creation. 


It’s no secret that men and women have different innate skill sets. 

There are clear business benefits to achieving gender balance in the boardroom, from strategic planning to operational outputs.  

Going From High Achieving Business Woman To Holistic Board Leader

In the world of cubicles and thousand-dollars suites you have earned the accolades. 

You have achieved significant results. 

You are revered and renowned in your field.

You know your worth is not tied to business success but impact

You feel comfortable standing on the edge of the unknown.

Yes, it took you years to get where you are but all great things take time.

You’ve never sought to join the board to distinguish yourself from others as a better human. 

…and when you do choose to take the board position, you will allow nothing to come between you, and your true purpose, passion, and mission.

 I am here to inspire you to create your own revolution on the board. 

I am here to show you how  as a brave and gifted business leader, you can redefine the future boards, amplify IMPACT and legacy. 

Now, let’s be clear about the difference between a board with a gifted and brave business woman as you, and a board without you. The future board trends in the media world encourage the boards to take a more active lead in pointing their companies to design a living, purpose-driven systems, and long-term value creation.

…but when you look closer at the strategic company’s business ambitions and goals, you see the company playing somewhat small and predictable.

And only a gifted businesswoman who is in a complete alignment with high self-worth, can see the company BIGGER than its bottom line and a shareholder primacy. 

I call her a Holistic Business Woman.

The Holistic Business Woman in Your Boardroom

They fundamentally redefine the way human beings as CEOs, teams, clients, suppliers, shareholders and board members can together reset the trajectory. 

She can ignite and unite everyone to see BEYOND their self-believed smallness. 

The Holistic Female Leader amplifies the IMPACT and weaves it in every process, step, thought and decision of your living system.

She sees the world and your company as an interwoven set of global challenges, spanning from growth, well-being, inequality, supply chain shortages, climate change, and human ego-driven decision consequences. 

It immensely frustrates me having to listen and be the part of the shallowness of the mainstream boardroom conversations:

“What is the company’s growth plan?”

“How much of the market share is planned…”

“What are the assets on the balance sheet?”

“How can the cash flow be allocated for growth needs?”

“How much value do we expect to create for shareholders in a year?”

“What are the main obstacles to not reaching these expectations?”

Amplify and Elevate Board Conversations
The Holistic Business Woman would be screaming for depth and amplitude. 

And this is the moment where YOU can make the difference!

Instead of playing safe, predictable and conventional, listen to your brave inner-voice of purpose and bring these more audacious questions forward:

  • What is the legacy we want to leave?
  • What is the impact we are here to create?
  • How would this impact generate or regenerate value for stakeholders & shareholders?
  • How does our business model reflect that today?
  • How can we connect teams, clients and suppliers to work for this impact together?
  • What strings can we pull as the board members to positively impact our WHOLE?
  • How can we design a discipline for our teams, c-suite, clients and suppliers to work seamlessly together?
  • Where do we feel not fully aligned with the impact?
  • What limiting beliefs are keeping us from seeing our own BIGNESS?
  • What will it take us to fully step into our power?
  • How can each of us actively contribute instead of safely advising from above? 
  • When do we start?

The next time you will tap into your purpose  and begin shifting the paradigm into something greater than the board members have ever thought, into  a Holistic Business Empire. 

I see you as a  holistic business woman and leader powerfully driving the change and shifting the trajectory of the impact companies can and should provide for humanity.

I see you blowing up the boundaries between the CEO and the board. Realigning the mission and resetting the lines of communications between teams, clients and suppliers. 

You have the courage and perseverance to go beyond the mainstream ways of growing and managing your business.

It is your duty and calling to elevate and amplify the IMPACT. 

You know how easily men with their often high ego-centric decisions can disconnect the parts of the living business system and get low results.

Are you ready to reimagine the movement for your company? Let’s redefine the conversation in your board and amplify the value for your entire ecosystem. 

If so, connect with me on LinkedIn or schedule a time to chat: https://holisticbusinessdiscipline.com/apply

If you desire to see what results our clients have achieved by doing so, all of it is covered in our Masterclass “Beyond Growth”.  

Let’s redefine the conversation in your board and amplify the value for your entire ecosystem. 

Laura Gerrits


Stop the vicious cycle of doing more and BEING all things.
Become The Holistic CEO. Live Your Legacy.