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Give your audience or whole team the inspiration to play BIGGER.
Grow Beyond Hierarchy. Beyond Sustainability. Beyond AI.

Laura Gerrits is the soul and founder of The Holistic Business Paradigm Movement who is daily accompanied by her business partner and co-founder PhD. Vilma Nasteckiene. They're on a mission to reach and inspire over 1 M leaders globally by 2027,
to discover growth BEYOND hierarchies
while being fully aligned with IMPACT and SOUL.


Laura Gerrits

Laura is the world’s leading voice for revolutionary transformation of the hierarchical business structures, and she is on a mission to fundamentally change lives of CEOs and business ecosystems across the globe. 

Together with the co-founder Vilma, she is creating a new Holistic Business Paradigm. A revolutionary concept for CEOs to grow their enterprises as seamless Holistic Systems without stifled organisational structures, non-value KPIs, and costly silo inefficiencies slowing you down. Her disruptive Holistic Business Framework© is a profound synthesis of Systems Thinking, Theory of Constraints, Lean (TPS), Innovations, Service Design and Risk Management. It is a future-looking holistic management approach, which lays solid business foundations for generations to come.  

Since 2012, she has led and worked hands-on with Scandinavian, Northern European, and Middle Eastern CEOs in more than 30+ industries transforming the silo-based structures into holistic enterprises.


A pre-engagement virtual meeting. 

30-90 minute live or virtual session.

Q&A with the audience if needed. 

Workshops for leadership team:

2-3 pre-engagement virtual meetings.

3-8 hrs live or virtual sessions transcending you, your team and your company.


What does it take to for a business to make a World better off?
Kiss Goodbye to Silo Mentality. Welcome to Holistic Business Thinking
Growth BEYOND Hierarchy, BEYOND Sustainability and AI
Unfake Risk in Your Company
Becoming Holistic Leaders. Building Holistic Business Ecosystems
The Impossible Marriage of 3. Impact + Sustainability + Wealth
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