If your business purpose, is BIGGER than your fears.

If you lead fiercely BEYOND hierarchy. 

If the impact you’re unfolding is BIGGER than serving the shareholders.

Welcome home.


We are on mission to reach over 1 M leaders globally by 2027, to inspire and discover business growth beyond hierarchies, while being fully aligned with their IMPACT and SOUL, even when their teams grow from 50 to 5000 people.

After Rising To The Heights Of What Others Calls “SUCCESS” In The Consultancy,

Laura and Vilma was left hungry for depth and impact.

Their colossal achievements within business transformations and the magnetism of earning the impeccable skills within Systems Thinking, Theory of Constraints, Lean, Innovations, Service Design, Risk Management and more felt empty and unfulfilling.
According to everyone around them, this was it.

It was all a lie.

The constant push to fix the separate parts of the business. The disregard of interacting parts. The treat of the symptoms instead of the causes. Doing a WRONG THING right. 

None of it felt right.

This is where we asked ourselves “How can we solve the root causes of a forced-linear business growth by discovering and embedding alternative – holistic business growth principles fully aligned with the purpose and humanity needs?”

Finally, after becoming fully aligned, Laura and Vilma realised they had the inner power: 

The power to tell the TOP-DOWN HIERARCHY to Fuck Off


This is why in 2023 we've hit the first World Record aimed to gather
most impact-driven CEOs and respond 1 epic question:

"How is the world better off because your company is in it?"

aimed to create a priceless asset of World's Best Business
Practises from the most impact-driven CEO's that will create
a potent capsules of wisdom for future generation leaders.
The Goals of The World Record


Target Participant Group:
Best in the World impact-driven CEO's

25 + countries participating
50 pieces of wisdom in a form of best practises collected
from carefully selected CEOs all over the globe
1 Million international impacts
World Best Practises asset creation


Paradigm Breakers.
Those Who Bend The Knee To LIVING Systems.
Open Up To The Purest ESSENCE of Their Impact.
And Uncover The Holistic Business LEGACY.
From $28M to $58M sales revenue in 3 years it is a fantastic result to achieve.

The Holistic Enterprise convinced the owners and the board of that strategy planning begins with studying the business as the system, “zooming out” and seeing the WHOLE. So instead of compiling SWOT internally, the entire leadership team visited customers on the field of work for three months and studied both their pain points as well as their dreams. That allowed us to identify the winning strategy and our sales are going up ever since. They guided us for nearly two years in the strategy deployment, daily visual management application, problem solving and leadership development.
We are happy to continue a cooperation with The Holistic Enterprise as our partner with the focus of increasing speed and quality of our service. Thank you Laura and Vilma!   

Tomas Milaknis, Board Member Trukme  

In 2015 I stepped as the CEO into an aviation company of $90M sales revenue. In 2019 we were $130M sales revenue.

With Laura’s devotion, my team and I pulled our aircraft business out of stagnant growth into a thriving enterprise.

We embedded the Holistic Business Discipline in daily, weekly, and yearly routines, which significantly raised our leadership standards. Today, my C-suite and I work on the business as one holistic system, not separate parts! When COVID-19 hit us, it was so easy for our 40+ teams to move the meeting content online and keep the discipline and collaboration strong. As CEO I felt so proud of our impeccable adaption to hybrid-remote work.

Zilvinas Lapinskas, CEO FL Technics