You are no longer a one-man show.
It’s time to step into your bravery and change the silo mentality FOREVER.

The Holistic Enterprise is your partner in dignifying your business
 as the elite and pioneering example of a new managerial era.
As a rare paradigm breakers guiding gifted CEOs, we know the
finest precision techniques which accomplish holistic success.

Find out how we can co-work together.




Laura is the world’s leading voice for revolutionary transformation of the hierarchical business structures, and she is on a mission to fundamentally change lives of CEOs and their teams across the globe. 

She is creating a new Holistic Business Paradigm. A revolutionary concept for CEOs to grow their enterprises as seamless Holistic Systems without stifled organisational structures, non-value KPIs, and costly silo inefficiencies slowing you down. Her disruptive Holistic Business Framework© is a profound synthesis of Systems Thinking, Theory of Constraints, Lean (TPS), Innovations, Service Design and Risk Management. It is a future-looking holistic management approach, which lays solid business foundations for generations to come.  

Since 2012, she has led and worked hands-on with Scandinavian, Northern European, and Middle Eastern CEOs in more than 30+ industries transforming the silo-based structures into holistic enterprises. She and her team set a priority group of a few of the most appropriate private clients to work directly with each year.

Laura and the team also offers a 3-6 month The Holistic Business University program for business owners and their core teams, and delivers bespoke Holistic Business Introductory Workshops on your site around the globe.

Because I demand the best from myself, I choose to work with the best!

Laura crafted and led the deepest and biggest end-to-end system and business model transformation, which completely shifted not only our mindsets, but as well as the facility management industry we operate in.
It can be challenging for CEO & COO to find the ONE consultancy, which works privately with only few clients a year and can truly become a part of us. She is an exclusive talent, who will take you and your enterprise beyond your imagination.

Natalija Mager, COO at City Service

Ways To Work With US


Our virtual signature program, ‘The Holistic Business Performance’, is a home for gifted leaders entrepreneurs and their teams.
If you desire to melt down the silos in your team or multiple teams. To establish a seamless workflow. To align everybody to deliver value for the client and create a strong accountability in a hybrid-remote workplace, this is the right place to start. 

We take full responsibility and guarantee the set up a game-changing Holistic Business Performance in your core team within 3-6 months. 



 A paradigm changing facilitation of the holistic business principles for your core teams remotely or on your premises worldwide (workshops+mentoring).

We guarantee a full, elegant transformation and sustainable results within 3-6 months when working closely with you and your teams.

We will wake up before you and breathe ahead of youNormally companies from $10-300M revenue and with a team size of 100+ people choose to start with an introductory Holistic Business Workshop.


(1:1 advisory and executive coaching for You)

(1:1 bespoke team mentoring)


 This 1:1 life and business transforming advisory and coaching is the most profound, expansive and safe space for CEOs to grow into the Holistic Business Leaders. Laura works with a small number of gifted leaders 1:1.

She holds you to the highest and purest version of yourself, that is anchored to your mission as a leader. She sees you at the personal and soul level, and  coaxes with you the holistic business transformation.

And, then she and the team walks side by side with you to bring this to life.

Reward yourself by taking a first step

Becoming a Holistic Enterprise,

while your business is between $5-300M revenue,
is the foundation for your audacious dreams.

Hierarchical thinking is dangerous.

A top-down, functional organisational structure is a business growth threatening tool.

KPIs measuring local efficiencies are vicious.

For brave entrepreneurs and CEOS who desire to magnify their impact and value,
the practice of managing the company as vertical functions, cascading down targets,
and decision making keeps them small. This is a slow DEATH for their audacious dreams.

The roots of traditional management are deeply wired into our beliefs.

Traditional top-down or bottom-up management dulls down
the interconnections of the business.

It creates a silo-based performance and non-value.

That encourages competition between teams.

That takes away pride and joy at work.

It quiets the voice of your essence.

BUT….all because you were once told the company must be managed
as separate parts, it does not mean you have to follow the same trap blindly.

These brave CEOs from 30+ industries
are growing their empires without stifle hierarchies
by building Holistic Business Systems

WE WORKed IN 30+ industries

With conscious leaders and their teams of $5 to $300 million companies, all striving to leave silo mentality. Here are some of them: