The 5 elements of a Holistic Enterprise

You’re the CEO of your business. 
You poured your soul, mind, time and money investments into your business. 
Today, you give more than you take. 
You spent enough years in business to believe that “the devil is in the detail”, and you prefer the execution of your vision to be done by your team without you being too much present there.
I get it. 
But right now, having a team which understands and monitors the business health end-to-end without your involvement may still be a dream.
And when you hear a word “Holistic” in business, admit it it sounds very mystical. 
I get that. 
Let’s demystify the essence of the Holistic Business Growth and uncover the 5 elements of the Holistic Enterprise. 
This article awakens, it reignites, and revitalises your true business potential. 
And if you are ready to hear it, I promise you, it will speak to your soul. 
What is the key secret developing a Holistic Business? How did a brand Dove, companies as Viome, Whole Foods or Beetroot cultivate that?

Element # 1. Be extremely clear about the impact you are here to create.
Your impact has to be worth you dying.

The difference between a mainstream business and holistic business is seen 
They are audacious, bold and brave.
Unapologetically successful.
I am enormously proud of you.
Because at the purest essence of your being, there is a rebel, a pioneer or a trend blazer living.
…but when I look closer at your strategic business ambitions and goals, I see you are playing somewhat small and predictable.


If you think your company

Is just a subcontractor producing medical components…I see you are participating in saving or prolonging lives for humanity.
Producing and selling cosmetic skin care…I see you are redefining beauty standards and help everyone experience beauty and body image positively.
Providing heating and hot water for the cities…I see you are building a sustainable energy ecosystem and pioneering the industry.
Or developing real estate and building properties …I see you are bravely moving from degenerative patterns to regenerative processes.


You are BIGGER than you think

The mainstream business practices keep your thinking and growth boxed, and you don’t see the alternative.
Think holistically!
See beyond what your customers, the board or end-users see as the end result. 
What can you create for the collective?
What is a true IMPACT of your business and your role? 
How does it reflect your business design and daily work of your teams?
Whatever Big, Bigger or the Biggest purpose you and your team will create, I recommend you to not squeeze its bigness into the tiny functional boxes. 
It start with You.

The difference between a Mainstream and Holistic CEO

The Holistic CEO thinks “WE”. 
He measures success by impact and financial performance.
The Mainstream CEO thinks “I”.
He measures success only by financial performance.
The Holistic CEO doesn’t squeeze the impact or business purpose into functional top-down boxes. 
She spend time designing the architecture of the business without functional silos.
The Mainstream CEO cascades goals and targets vertically and limits the growth of the company.
He relies on the old business growth methods as a top-down organizational charts, KPIs measuring how busy people are and extrinsic bonuses. 
The Holistic CEO sees the business as an interacting living system and introduce collaborative team meetings.
The Mainstream CEO sees the business as separate parts and asks his heads of departments or teams to report their solo results. 
The Holistic CEO feels aligned with his inner truth.
The Mainstream CEO has a need to prove and protect his worth. 
How to step into your inner Holistic Leader?
Unlearn the patterns that are holding you back.
It is time to unzip yourself from the old business growth methods you and many of our clients have been blueprinted with in business schools.
In the world of cubicles and thousand dollar suits we’ve learned to pretend by putting masks on. 
We’ve learned to survive during arbitrary performance reviews by proving how busy our teams are. 
But…now when you play on your own terms, you simply deny to build a soulless company. 
You want to craft a solid business, and not to run an expensive corporate theatre. 
When your business is growing from 5, 25, 100+ people, you feel the pull to install the accountability or control mechanisms to feel safe. 
This is a perfect moment to build the holistic business foundations, and do not follow the mainstream CEO path.
These patterns show up differently for many of our clients, but they may look like: 
  • Team members are asking you to define clear responsibilities. You think the organisational chart may help.
  • Clients started complaining to you about your service. You may think it is time to define KPIs for separate teams and individuals.
  • You are wearing the hat of CEO, Sales and Development…. Trying to do everything yourself so you don’t have time or energy to focus on business growth system delivering impact and wealth.
  • Decision making started taking too long because it gets lost in the growing team. 
  • Revenue is growing, but the profit stays flat.
  • Teams forget to complete the tasks on time. 
  • There is an urgency to set up IT systems for managing the work.
  • Costly non-value work activities are piling up, and seeing that urges you to take the control in your hands.
This period is called a growth paradox. 

More than 90% of our clients within 30+ industries fall into it’s trap and introduce top-down controls. 

Managing business as separate parts is all they knew.

There is a better way to build an impact and grow business at the same time. 

Stop looking around and blindly replicating old management control tools, which creates walls between teams, clients and suppliers. 

Use your rare talent and time to create value, and not be occupied by eliminating waste. 

Your business is a unique system. 

A system with distinctive interactions. 

With its core impact and beliefs.

Apply holistic business map which beautifully weaves the business purpose, responsibilities, and team accountability and information flow end-to-end. 

Weave the impact and financial performance in every thought, every decision, every meeting, every stage of your client journey and truly make a difference! 

Instill holistic business meetings based on the interactions of your teams, clients and suppliers. 

Build strong holistic business growth muscle to fulfil your biggest impact and generate wealth.

If you desire to see what results our clients have achieved, all of it is covered in our Masterclass “Beyond Growth”.

Get your life back and live your legacy

My team and I are here for you. We have got you and your team.

Laura Gerrits


Stop the vicious cycle of doing more and BEING all things.
Become The Holistic CEO. Live Your Legacy.