How to transition from non-value, silo meetings to holistic business thinking?

Silent Meetings 

Why is everybody looking for my reaction?

Why is nobody taking the lead and showing some proactivity?

If I wouldn’t raise a question about clients paying us on time, would someone else think of this? 

Would this meeting happen if I wouldn’t be here?

Do you recognise this inner dialogue during the meetings? If you do, then most likely you are a leader or CEO of 20, 50, 250+ people company. 

Meanwhile the inner dialogue of the team sounds like this:

What does she want from us?

Why does he talk around something and wastes our time, we’ve got work to do!

I think I have the solution to what she asks, but I’d better be sure this is what she expects?

“If I say yes to this idea, I am the one to execute it…I’d better stay silent. 

That means you poured your heart and soul into it. Your daily commitment to impact made it happen.

You know what you stand for in business.

But your team doesn’t understand that yet.

I get that. 

I and hundreds of my clients have been there as well.

But I also want you to understand this important thing…

Your team members will never understand the business as the WHOLE….

unless you take time to properly explain and design the content of the meetings to the point where your team visually see how do the value is produced end-to-end.

The quality of your business meetings can do both: elevate and shrink business growth. 

It can encourage people to take the ownership or resist doing that. 

The way you structure the visual meeting dashboard has a massive affect on your teams’ ability to see your business as WHOLE.

Are you ready to invest your time and create the daily discipline content with your teams to foresee the business as a whole and make timely decisions without you?

The core difference between silent and high team ownership meetings 

In a survey conducted by the Harvard Business Review, 71% of senior managers said that traditional meetings are unproductive and inefficient.

Business meetings in a mainstream company consist of measuring or comparing how effective one function is over the other. Each employee or team has their own functional KPIs.

If the marketing team ends the day with green KPI in generating leads, they are happy and satisfied. But these leads still need to be qualified and monetized in your end-to-end process.

However, the mainstream CEO doesn’t not provide the visual business performance for the teams showing the entire end-to-end business health.

Research shows that meetings have increased in length and frequency over the last 50 years and executives spend an average of nearly 23 hours a week in them. Professionals spend 2 hours a week in pointless meetings, which added up to over $541bn worth of resource in 2019 alone.

The team loses sight of the purpose very quickly and as a leader it becomes more difficult to impart your goals onto your employees.

Each department is confined within their own little space and there is a lack of dialogue.

Soon, you start hearing “This is not my job!”, “This is not my responsibility” …

These kinds of conversations often feel mechanical, creates tension in the company.

It makes your teams even more dependent on your presence since you are the only one having the WHOLE picture in mind.

Remember, every time you let your teams see the business as separate parts, you leave profit and impact on the table!

How does the holistic business meetings change that?

  • Well, the Holistic Business meetings are not designed around separate functions. Instead, it is created by understanding the interactions between people, clients and suppliers.
  • It is not centred around individual performance KPI
  • It is visually showing all the business stages end-to-end, responsibilities of collaborating teams, daily, weekly, and monthly tasks and projects. Everybody understands how he or she contributes to the overall impact.
  • The Holistic Business Meeting is facilitated by the team members with or without your presence.
  • The teams are not only asking the questions as “how well we are fulfilling the purpose for our clients today?”, but they also ask, “how much profit we are predicting to create next month?”
  • These daily meetings foster trust, autonomy, and business growth beyond hierarchy.
  • Ultimately, your team becomes purpose, result-driven and self-managed. They are able to make high-quality decisions quickly and execute ideas effectively.

It’s time to position yourself as the Holistic CEO 

Your time is limited.

Your talent is unique.

I would rather see you working 4-5 hours a day, and spend the rest alone walking, running or sleeping.

Being is your ultimate doing.

Because when you tap into a pure state of being, your mind and intuition is working effortlessly for you.

Expand the daily business discipline from your mind and soul to your team.

Dare to show visually how a value is produced by the team to clients end-to-end.

Don’t underestimate the power of visual dashboards! It completely changes the perspective and elevates the team to see business beyond their function.

I’d love to have the opportunity to talk to you about your business discipline in more detail. And if you’d like to partner with somebody who can help you embed daily or weekly holistic business meetings, Holistic Enterprise is here. We cover the meeting topic in depth in our Masterclass “Beyond Growth”.


Laura Gerrits


Stop the vicious cycle of doing more and BEING all things.
Become The Holistic CEO. Live Your Legacy.