We delete the boundaries between the functions, customers, suppliers and create Holistic Enterprises


Many companies do talk internally about customer satisfaction and profitability. They cascade down targets and measures into functions and unconsciously destroy the interconnections of value creation. Value is created horizontally not vertically.

The time has come to design the managerial routines focused on horizontal value creation by seeing the company as a Holistic System.

From silo based to the Holistic Enterprise

Most enterprises experience mediocre business performance where each function is focused on their own priorities, without seeing the business end-to-end. The value creation for the customer and the bottom line gets lost.

The Holistic Enterprise© is a game-changer for every business owner, CEO and their teams, enabling the enterprise to manage the growth by involving the customers, suppliers, technology into a daily business routines.​

As a CEO do you find yourself thinking that:

You urge to find and adapt the managerial routines allowing the departments to work together for one purpose and co-create value horizontally. 

Just imagine

end to end holistic enterprise

Your team has a daily discipline to measure

a business performance end-to-end

The strategy execution and accountability

is happening on a weekly PDCA or Agile cycles

Within 6 months your enterprise increases the value

for customers, wider ecosystem and buttom line

The Holistic Enterprise is a new management philosophy enabling organisations to adapt to a changing world by deleting the functional boundaries and involving both the customers and suppliers to work on the ecosystem end-to-end. Since 2010 we have led and worked hands-on with Scandinavian, Northern European and Middle East CEOs and business owners in more than 30 different industries transforming the silo-based performance to the holistic enterprises. 

We deliver one-way ticket to exceptional end-to-end business results

Failure demand from customers​
Promise delivery to customer
First time quality
Inventory level​


As the strategic advisors guiding the entire company from a rigid and inefficient enterprise to an adaptive, holistic one.

Working in-house, guiding daily, and acting as a seamless extension of your team, together with you, your people, your customers, and suppliers, we study the business as a whole, and create and execute breakthrough strategies that cover every last detail.

Our clients call us a trustworthy boutique of mentors because we take full responsibility to achieve outstanding business results.

CEOs reflecting their discovered wisdom

We've worked with some of the best

100 % of our business comes from referrals


Francisco Lendinez
Francisco LendinezGlobal Service COO
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I was very lucky to find Laura and her team when I started the transformation of Nordea Group Function. I found a partner to share the dreams. We created a plan, where the most difficult part was to impact the mindset of the leaders. The plan was developed and executed in the following 6 months, we were great success. I could observe and admire the dedication of Laura, and her team, the passion for transforming deep and not to be happy with just cosmetic or superficial transformation. How she became my coach and as well the coach of my management team, how we stablished and holistic plan where we could use the power of deploying next ideas and raising the contribution of everybody in the team. I think the key of the success was to consider the full ecosystem and then work in the daily aspect. It was successful and we had fun together, I really grown. Thanks to Laura.
Efi Ben Artzy
Efi Ben ArtzyEntrepreneur
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After working around the glob, in various countries, various industries, from huge corporates to seed stage startups, I learned that all companies are facing the same problems. In time of disruption, when companies’ growth is at risk, when customer experience, innovation and efficiency became crucial for prosperity, the lean holistic approach is becoming the secret to success.
Breaking the organizational silos, solving problems, continuously improve, leading people to higher performance, leading better product development, leading innovation in order to achieve the company business purpose and increasing the customer value, are the new challenges of every CEO. Choosing an experienced mentor (a sensei in Japanese), with global experience is the most important first step to simplify those big buzz words (Transformation, innovation Etc..). Chose the holistic enterprise movement do it right from the first time!
Agne Naikauskaite
Agne NaikauskaiteHead of HR, Selteka
CEO, Arunas Vizgaitis
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Even though I am the head of HR I stopped believing in traditional training from 2016, since nothing is changing in our system as a WHOLE after it. The Holistic Enterprise mentors from the first day delivered the profound value. We clearly understood that the change will start from us not sitting in this isolated conference room, but actually going out to learn how our business behaves as the system. Gaining the collective knowledge about our business was an incredible and at the same time an overwhelming experience. The mentors guided us through the journey of strategy change, its deployment and execution. They were able to zoom out and zoom in without leaving any detail behind. The transformation journey took 1,5 years and we felt being cared and loved as with no one else.
Mindaugas Kazlauslas
Mindaugas KazlauslasCEO of Synergium
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As a CEO I need to make more good decisions and less bad decisions. There is a constant pressure from our customers for super-quick solutions in my fast-paced international business. I noticed that when I run run run and don`t think deeply enough - mistakes happen. During “CEO Awareness Sessions“ I have the dedicated time for the professional side of myself. I am lucky that Laura is really caring about success of my business about my team. She is asking the right questions, then listens, understands and then reflects my answers in an unbiased way.
Therefore I am waiting impatiently for our scheduled coaching sessions as during them we co-create Awareness. As a result, the clarity leads to peace of mind, to better decisions and to bigger quality of life!
Natalija Mager-Falkauskienė
Natalija Mager-FalkauskienėHead of Systems & Processes of
City Service Group
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The biggest values we have got from HOLISTICE ENTERPRISE management model and team was the ability to open our managers’ eyes to see and understand clients’ needs and recognize failure demand. All departments started working as one team. Laura and Vilma taught how to create a profound knowledge about our ecosystem and created the framework for running the business as usual and at the same time reinventing the business through strategy deployment and daily management system. For our PROCESS team they provided a set of tools, which we can use independently in our daily work in order to ensure company’s managing end-to-end. They have guided us through the journey safely by diving deep into our needs. The 10-month journey was a lifetime experience for all of from CEO to the call center team.
Laura MakeleHead of Lean
Danske Bank GSL
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I had a great opportunity to work with master class Holistic Enterprise Mentor Laura Gerrits Gedvile. The Holistic Enterprise management philosophy meets to company’s main needs, ability to identify the pain points of the business and set company’s DNR these are just a small part that I can mention briefly. So many companies are just stuck with implementation of LEAN tools in hierarchical organization structure, in different and separate company’s parts and questioning why they cannot reach desire business state, high employee engagement and sustainability. While trying to solve this issue companies are just blindly employing plenty methods and tools without understanding the company as a whole system and deep diving into customer needs through the outside –in approach.
Israel Losada Salvador
Israel Losada SalvadorCOO at
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The design and development of a Daily Visual Management system resulted in a clear improvement to adapt quickly and systematically to challenges. Holistic Enterprise Coaches are highly motivated and qualified professionals with experience in all aspects of operational excellence, lean and continuous improvement. Laura and her partners at helped us with the design, development and implementation of a Daily visual Management system across the group which resulted in a clear improvement in our ability to quickly and systematically adapt to customer and market challenges.
Monica Stjerna
Monica StjernaOperational Excellence Coach
Nordea Bank
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Laura worked with senior management of GF group functions organization in Nordea Bank and was responsible for establishing daily management discipline and strategy deployment. Her high competencies on holistic management changed our mindset of traditional silo-based measures and vertical strategy deployment. Working together with Laura opened new understanding of the intention behind Lean, which is to manage the company as one system, not as separate parts. I was trained by her to continue the strategy deployment aligning silos horizontally and coaching senior managers to act upon the purpose of the bank from the customers point of view.
Harald Berg
Harald BergCEO
Strømmen Group
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Our company started the “Customer focus journey” to build and strengthen internal service partnership and communication which focuses on adding value to the customer experience. For us it is very important to understand that every team member is critical to the success of the customer experience. Holistic Enterprise sessions are the great choice for companies who want to create a stronger service culture and build loyal relationships with their customers. Becoming a customer centric holistic organization is embedded now in of our daily life and mindset. It will be effective only through long-term commitment and dedicated application by executive management and all employees. It requires the consistent application of the appropriate human and technical processes, tools and techniques.
Egle Vaitkevičiute
Egle VaitkevičiuteCEO
BAA Training
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Working with Holistic Enterprise mentors opened our eyes. We realized our own silo thinking. We understood why strategy deployment looked more as a vertical firefighing rather than horizontal refelctive process. After a year of intensive work to apply holistic Lean approach we began to see our customers, one purpose and establish a daily discipline enabling to deliver value horizontally. However, there is still the beginning of the journey.
Tomas Milaknis
Tomas MilaknisBoard Member
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The Holistic Enterprise convinced the owners and the board of Trukme that strategy begins with studying the business as the system, "zooming out" and seeing the WHOLE from the customer perspective. So instead of compiling SWOT internally, the entire leadership team visited customers for three months and asked them about pains and dreams they have. Our customers allowed us to identify the winning strategy and our sales are going up ever since. They guided us for nearly two years in the strategy deployment, daily visual management application, problem solving and leadership development. We are happy to continue a cooperation with The Holistic Enterprise as our partner with the focus of increasing speed and quality of our service. Thank you Laura and Vilma!
Milda Nair
Milda NairRegional Manager,
Middle East, Meltwater
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The Holistic Business Discipline allowed us to zoom in on our tech business from a disruptive customer value, profitability, and technology perspective. Combining customer focus with profitability, elevating from siloes to a holistic management approach immediately changed our limiting beliefs and we identified the leverage points. Every session was giving so much energy and progress. Now, with the end-to-end discipline we can grow our enterprise from South Africa and Middle East to the Moon.
Tariq Nizami
Tariq NizamiFounder and CEO
CEO Clubs Network Worldwide
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With your guidance, we learned how to structure end to end systems, understand visionary boards and the step-by-step process of achieving our goals. Overall, the Holistic Learning training was a success and contributed a great impact on our team performance. Thank you again for being a remarkable trainer. We are beyond grateful for having you.

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