The Holistic CEO 2022 is coming to Dubai 
  for Top-performing Arab and international Female & Male Leaders

In 2022 we are embarking virtual and live events aimed to leverage your end-to-end business performance and reach the outsanding business results by applying holistic business excellence framework.

Dubai, 20th January, 2022

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Calling the C-level excecutives and business owners from 10 companies who desire to breakthrough from the mediocre business performance and leverage the business discipline for outstanding 2021 2Q results.

These events are a celebration for us. We carefully plan every detail for every C-level executive and his or her team to experience the unique space for the wise decisions to rise.

Each event is held for a limited number of attendants. Only 15 CEOs and business owners can participate together with their key C-level executive team. Total 20-25 bright minded leaders from different industries. Two-four Holistic Enterprise Mentors will provide attention to each of the participants.

The two days event is a highly disciplined conceptual adventure to a holistically managed business.

During it you will be immersed into practice, reflection, unlearning and change. Together with your key C-level executive team you will work with your business context 85 % of the time. The event is designed for you to create the breakthrough solutions, which you will apply to your business immediately.

Be open to explore your leadership out of the current comfort zone.

The outcomes you will walk with

A compressed knowledge about how to transform your business from slow and hierarchical to adaptive and holistic enterprise

New enterprise purpose and end-to-end measures driving right values and behaviors.

A daily solution to gather and study the customer voice.

A design of a daily/weekly visual management discipline with end-to-end measures and effectively study value creation for your customer, incorporating lean and holistic decision-making principles with your leadership team.

Improved leadership competencies of seeing the company as a holistic enterprise.

Alignment between the key C-level executives in your leadership team.

A changed mindset and robust decisions made.

see how leader like You experience the event

Want to start the transformation of the slow hierarchical business to rapidly adapting business which daily improves end-to-end customer value.

Want to create a discipline for the team to manage company as whole, not as separate parts.

In the urge to find right end-to-end measures to study the value creation for the customers.

Want to learn how to apply Lean management in the right way.

Design the change plan and prepare themselves mentally for the change.

This is why leaders like You join the event

The events are limited for up to 20 business owners and CEOs, so buy tickets for the closest event near you soon!

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