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As the young entrepreneur of a SME company Laura was restless to find the way to convert all the beautifully in the books described leadership and systems theories to the daily business life. She had a desire to build an enterprise where people, customers, and suppliers could create and execute exponential growth together within the industry. Despite her business education, great leadership and coaching skills, and clear understanding of her clients’ needs and frustrations, there was still a feeling that something important was missing. The anxiety and restlessness about how to adapt the growing business to the constantly changing market was alaways there.

Meanwhile, Vilma worked in the huge corporation as the top manager and experienced the dark side of corporate management. She endured sleepless nights, responded to emails at 4 am, went to work while being sick, and brainstormed about solutions to only be shot down by those in higher power. Despite 15 years of desire, belief, education and effort to change the system, the feeling of despair over her situation remained.

Though both of us had different experiences, we both felt we had lost our control and ability to choose the outcomes within our organizations. The passion to find it brought us together in 2013. Both our limitations in the current corporate world and our passion to transform this structure led us to develop a hands-on approach to solving different industries’ most pressing problems.

The Holistic Enterprise management philosophy was therefore born from our passion, experience difference and the frustrations Laura had as the business owner and Vilma as C-level executive. Implementing great methods as Agile, Theory of Constraints, Lean, BPM (business process management) is not enough to change the slow hierarchical systems. Now the business leaders want to learn to redesign slow business models to fastly adapting companies.

From 2012 we worked successfully in the Baltic and Scandinavian countries. In 2019 we decided to take the Holistic Enterprise to an international level, and started our business acitivies in the UAE market. We have brought together a global team of partners and friends who we have been collaborating with individually for many years.

Today, we can say with certainty: 

There is no magic pill to transforming a business. However, we as brave humans can create magic by connecting the dots of our business with the customer, suppliers and people, before the industry connected it for us, and before it’s too late to change the game. 

Our team have worked within SMEs and large enterprises and have experienced the same problems that Holistic Enterprise clients come wanting to solve. Our combined business acumen and experience give Holistic Enterprise the cutting-edge perspective that:

Clients need answers on

How to foresee the gap between business as usual and exponential growth

How to fix a broken system when it’s gotten too big to dismantle

How to understand the current and future customer needs

How to change the slow business system to adapting one without huge investments

How to establish a discipline allowing to focus and execute the strategy

How to accelerate the decision making throughout enterprise

How to create a commitment within the senior management team to redesign the current business

How to adapt Lean management to our unique business and industry

How to create a system where departments work together for one clear purpose

How to get time back from your business so it doesn’t take over your whole life

At Holistic Enterprise, we see these problems over and over, and they stem from one underlying issue. Most organizations develop rigid, hierarchical systems that command from the top-down, rather than focusing on holistic solutions that involve customers, suppliers and people for potential solution. This stifles creativity at the lower levels and traps executives in a state of constant pressure. When the system is rigid and its people are frustrated, solutions to real customer problems don’t arise. More and more clients fall away, and soon the whole system collapses. 

We develop managers to become the leaders. The leaders who understand how their business as the system works and derive solutions from that framework, rather than putting out fires day-to-day. As the internal structures of your organization become more agile and empowering to team players, the better your business will be able to serve. As you improve your systems thinking and operational tactics, customer values become self-evident. Soon you are able to trust your team to serve clients the way you did when you began building the business in the first place. 

Holistic Enterprise gets you there. We transform businesses from rigid, fragile systems into robust, holistic solutions to the problems your customers face. You soon become the only place they go for the best service in the industry. That is what we strive for at Holistic Enterprise. 

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