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The Holistic Enterprise is a new management philosophy enabling organisations to adapt to a changing world. We transform conventional “vertical top-down or bottom up systems” into holistic, value-creating interdependencies that interacting with the ecosystem of the enterprise.

Holistic Enterprise CEO business performance strategy

This means: 

  • Being able to see the system as a whole
  • Understanding the needs of the customer
  • Redesigning the organisation from inward looking to outward looking
  • Creating a breakthrough strategy for the enterprise based on the leverage points of the ecosystem
  • Removing the silo mentality restricting you to only vertical competency
  • Creating a discipline to deliver end-to-end value
  • Creating a culture of transparency and co-operation
  • Enabling robust and fast decision making within network-based teams
  • Instilling accountability, high morale and energy within networking teams
  • Expanding leadership competencies to make the decisions by seeing the system as a whole rather than as separate parts
  • Adapting a lean philosophy that works you and not against you and adds value to the ecosystem of the business


The choice to set the bar higher is yours. This system can, and will, change your company, but it requires leadership commitment, consistency, courage and hard work to make it a success.

How can becoming a Holistic Enterprise
benefit You?

Do you feel that your organisation is being held back due to the constraints of your hierarchical and linear management structures? Do you feel that your current system is too complex to dismantle, despite knowing deep down that is no longer functional and doesn’t fully meet the needs of your customers? In this fast-paced, constantly changing world are you now eager to find a new way to manage your organisation so it can adapt to external pressures from customers and competitors?


Our team at the Holistic Enterprise offers custom advisory solutions for CEOs, business owners, and executives. We don’t promise turnkey, static solutions or generalised courses. Together with you and your people we build a lean, learning organisation using systems thinking and a holistic approach to strategic and operational success. 


Our goal is to help you build the organisation that you truly desire; one which can rapidly adapt to the future needs of your customers and ultimately increase value for all stakeholders.

When you work with Holistic Enterprise, you’ll be able to:

Understand your customers’ values and priorities both now and in the future.

Step back and reflect upon your organisation’s ecosystem to see the potential leverage points.

Deploy a breakthrough strategy both horizontally and vertically.

Focus on the right priorities to accelerate positive change.

Design a daily visual management discipline that shows the flow of product and information from end to end.

Distinguish when to problem solve and when to innovate based on PDCA cycles.

Make fast decisions that are based on facts, not assumptions.

Align the organisation under one shared purpose.

Eliminate conflicting measures across departments.

Be a leader who is able to redesign the current system so that people can grow.

Create a culture of transparency, accountability and trust.

Create new energy and purpose for yourself and your people.

Provide value for your customers, your people, the ecosystem of the business and your shareholders.

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