From Covid to CoWin
by applying Holistic Business Discipline©

The difference between reality and dream
is called discipline

Highly disciplined weekly mentoring & advising series focused to walk-trough a recovery together and adapt the business to the new reality. The business discipline focused on the end-to-end performance with customers, suppliers and people is a game-changer. 

Your key leaders will work alongside an advisor to redesign the business and adapt to the new reality.

Do you experience that:

  • the customer and industry needs are changing and you want to adapt to it rapidly?
  • the decision making is too slow and made in isolation without the voice of customers, suppliers and people?
  • separate functions are performing very well, but at the end the overall the performance of the system is poor?
  • it is challenging to keep promises to the customers?
Difference between holistic and traditional business discipline

The Holistic Business Discipline© is a game-changer
for business to adapt fast to the new reality

  • You and your teams will begin to see your business as a comprehensive value creation system for your customers, based on end-to-end interdependencies rather than individual departments.
  • It provides a safe infrastructure to maintain the “business as usual” while reinventing it and executing the new strategy at the same time.

In 30-60-90 days your enterprise will be transformed:




Lost customer focus and slow adaptation to the new realityRestored customer obsession and fast adaptation

Teams or departments working isolated, competing to achieve their own KPI’s

Slow and isolated decision making without involving the customers, suppliers and people

One purpose, end-to-end measures focusing on the customer value and enterprise wealth

Timely and proactive decisions together with the customers, suppliers and people 

Not sharing essential information timely between customers, suppliers and departmentsDaily sharing essential information and signals 
Managers are in the firefighting mode, or only in the doing modeLeaders proactively manage risks and improve the system based on rapid PDCA (plan-do-check-act) experiments
Blaming cultureTeamwork and learning culture
People creating value on the shop floor don’t feel valued by managers

Increasing operational costs, bad quality and queuing
Create a leadership enabling people on the shop floor to be heard and valued

Improved quality and througput, decreased end-to-end costs
  • We adopted this business discipline successfully in more than 30 service and manufacturing companies in Europe since 2012.
  • From a very beginning we involvine the key managers and people of your company, to secure a commitment and ownership.
  • It is delivered combining a tailor-made master classes at your company, online mentoring, meeting observations, feedback and one-on-one coaching.
  • We will guide you safely throughout the process till a new discipline, habits and mindset become a DNA of your enterprise.

Choose one of the 3 ways to adapt the business to a new reality

One-on-One mentoring

Holistic Business
Discipline weekly online

team mentoring

Hands-on transformation with 
the leadership team 

enterprise mentoring

Creating Holistic Business
Discipline at the whole

Let us understand your business context and needs, so we can recommend the best tailor-made option for you.

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