From Covid to CoWin

Difference between holistic and traditional business discipline

From Covid to CoWin by applying Holistic business discipline

2020 has been a tumultuous year for companies across the globe. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its subsequent effect on the economy, businesses are in survival mode, when they once were in “winning” mode. Those who were thriving are now struggling to stay afloat, as are their customers and supply chain. 

Widespread panic over the novel virus has resulted in a near-halt for many industries, and for good reason. 

  • 19 million have been confirmed with the disease worldwide; however, estimates are much higher due to those who do not have access to testing or those who are asymptomatic
  • At least 1.6 billion people across the world are in danger of losing part-time or freelance work due to COVID-19

These numbers do not begin to describe the hardship lived by businesses and their people during these times. Families are struggling to keep food on the table and kids in school. Businesses are deciding whether to retain employees or avoid crippling debt. This is a time when only the strongest and most versatile will be able to thrive again. 

The Co-Win Solution to COVID-19

At Holistic Enterprise, we’ve experienced this firsthand. Our clients continue to struggle simply in making ends meet. They can see their structures falling apart at the seams, and don’t know how to change it because “falling apart” is the new norm for so many of us. In order to address this, we’ve started working directly with clients to solve their COVID-19 problems. 

We call this strategy the “Co-Win” strategy. It is designed to help our clients pull themselves up by the bootstraps, and effectively switch from survival to winning mode. With intense brainstorming that leads to clarity, we address the problems of today that most businesses have never seen. In order to Co-Win, we teach them how to redesign services in order to adapt to the changing needs of the consumer. 

So, how does a company “co-win?” It’s not an issue of income or economy, as many believe. It is an issue of realigning your internal structures to: 


  • Engage the consumer at a time when unemployment is at an all-time high
  • Connect with customers when you can’t meet them face-to-face

You must use your business leverage points to accomplish these two goals. A leverage point is a place in a system’s structure where a solution element can be applied. In this training course, you’ll learn to identify these leverage points in order to create your Co-Winning strategy. 

Replacing Old Strategies with Co-Winning Solutions

In the traditional business model, a single figurehead (typically your C-suite or owner) serves as the archetypical boss, distributing KPIs to silo-based departments and tearing down the bridges between them. While this model seems to create order and simplicity, it is deeply ineffective in creating end-to-end value for your customer. 

The foundation upon which this business model was built is shaky at best, and creates silos of selective competency that does not foster creative thinking. Top-down leadership and separation of teams leave your business weak to unexpected events such as the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We need to acknowledge the limitations stemming from this model, tear down the cages that departments were built behind, and create end-to-end value in a holistic enterprise approach. 

There are new opportunities for growth within the COVID-19 disaster, if you look for them. For example, there is a great possibility that many companies will continue to have their employees work from home rather than invest in retaining office spaces. This will result in a boom for home office technologies such as ergonomic chairs, personal computers, and many more. Personalized services such as at-home education, personal transportation, and other services that provide value while minimizing physical contact will be on the rise for some time. 

It would be a dream to capitalize on these long-term cultural changes. However, we like to tell our clients that “The difference between reality and dream is called discipline.” If you want to adapt to the changing culture and industry, you must apply disciplined learning and strategy to your new holistic business model. 

Address These Four Problems With A Two-Step Solution

If you want to create a disciplined, holistic approach to these novel problems, you must identify both your pain and leverage points. We ask our clients these four questions during their first session to help them better identify their problems, and look for leverage points to solve them: 

  • How are your customers and industry changing in the wake of COVID-19? 
  • Are you prepared to adapt to these changes rapidly, or are your decisions made in isolation from the voice of your customers, suppliers, and team? 
  • Are your departments working together to create end-to-end value, or are they focused on departmentalized KPIs that don’t lead to real customer value? 
  • Are you able to keep the promises you make to customers within the restrictions of the COVID-19 culture and economy? 

Hopefully, asking yourself these questions will allow you to see more clearly your unique strengths and pain points. The next step is to effectively address them using the two-step process of our Co-Win strategy: 


Step One: Brainstorm to identify needs

The first four should help you begin this process. Using a variety of collaborative techniques and whiteboard, you should be able to first: 

  • Find the right questions you want to ask the market
  • Find the people with whom you want to connect
  • Find the team that you want to create who can work interdependently to create that end-to-end value

Step two: Incorporate customers and suppliers into your end-to-end discipline

In order to use these newly generated solutions, you must apply disciplined end-to-end practice and ensure that your mission aligns with customer needs. A holistic enterprise always puts the customer first and makes itself a pleasure for suppliers to work with. This focus on outward value creation rather than inward silo-dependent KPIs will help you create a thriving business that really matters to its customers. 

This is only the beginning of our Co-Win strategy. If you want an in-depth understanding of the holistic approach to solving today’s COVID-19 problems, you have several options with Holistic Enterprise: 

  • One-On-One Mentoring
  • Team Mentoring
  • Enterprise Mentoring


Laura and Vilma

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