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As the business owner or C-level executive, you have the responsibility other people don’t even dare to think about. You know how to stay at the top of the game. 

Yet at the end of the week, there is little space left for you to disconnect and find the new energy to discover the future. You may struggle with seeing the big picture when the amount of responsibility you carry every day starts to burden you personally and professionally. 

The best decisions in life happen when you have space to listen, to connect with your intuition and reflect on your choices from a broader perspective.

CEO awareness© creates an intimate space for renewal and discovery, structured by your Holistic Enterprise Mentor. Your mentor helps you slow down in order to see, to feel, and to connect yourself to the WHOLE of your enterprise. By discovering a more holistic view for yourself, you can give that newfound energy and effectiveness back into your business. 

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Do you find yourself thinking?

  • I want to have a discussion partner who understands me both at the personal and enterprise level in order to share my thought process and create clarity for myself
  • I want first to prepare myself for the new business strategies before I involve my team 
  • I want to expand my awareness to adapt the business to the N E W reality without losing time
  • I want to run from the routine and find the silence to hear and structure my own thoughts
  • I want to take stock in the moments when I am being truthful to my own values, as well as the times when I am sacrificing for short-term results; I want to live more fully and truthfully to my values and embody them in my leadership

The Holistic Enterprise Mentor moves you:

Crown holistic enterprise


CEO awareness C level coaching holistic enterprise


Lack of clarity about the present and the futureDiscovering clarity for the present moment and the future
Doubts about your relationship with the current team and enterprise as a wholeRedefined connection to yourself and your enterprise
The feeling that you are not prepared or don’t know how to adapt the business to a new realityThe deep understanding of the system as a WHOLE and a roadmap of business adaptation step by step
The hidden mental blocks and limiting beliefsParadigm shifts that remove mental blocks and allow for new belief systems
Ambiguity and separateness in the enterprise transformationClarity and deep connection during your enterprise transformation
Betraying your own valuesRecognizing your value system and honoring it

We worked with hundreds of CEOs and business owners and have directly followed the correlation between the success of high-performers and the long-term health of the ecosystems they manage. CEOs with short-term success forgo their values and ignore the truths they know to obtain the short-term results. When the curtain of success closes, they feel disappointed and disconnected from themselves more than ever. Those who value holistic, long-term success value their own needs and can manage stress more effectively despite the challenges they face. They listen to their own wisdom and let their unwavering value systems guide them. 


In order to manage your company while discovering leverage points to adapt, you must invest in your own progress. That’s why Holistic Enterprise has created a tailor-made service for CEOs and business owners to maximize personal performance for the benefit of their bottom line. 

Make wise decisions by giving yourself more space.

These sessions are co-created to fit your schedule and needs. Our mentors are flexible and adaptive, with the goal to deliver breakthrough value when you need it most.

We begin with 2-3 deep dive online sessions, then expand to several days dedicated to your enterprise. Each of these sessions is geared towards breaking paradigms that slow you down, and reconnecting to the values that got you into your industry in the first place. We guarantee a transformation of mind and heart that will put you back at the top of your game.

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