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The difference between a dead and a living strategy lays in the business connection with its customers, suppliers and a wider ecosystem

The difference between mediocre managers and holistic leaders is than the first ones are good at brainstorming strategy in an isolated hotel room. True foreseeing leaders study their business and ecosystem outside-in. They understand the leverage points and “knit” together the strategy for both keeping the business operations running and reinventing the business at the same time.

From a dead “business as usual” strategy to a living holistic enterprise strategy

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If your business suffers from a poor execution and has trapped itself in a “business as usual” mentality, then a Living Holistic Enterprise is the game-changer for you. We offer a tailor-made series of highly disciplined sessions to break out of the functional mindset and transform the business through holistic systems thinking.

A leveraging strategy, right deployment and right execution of it is a high-yielding fundament enabling not only to break out from old vertical management paradigms, as well as prepare and experience the exponential growth.

This transformation journey enables your enterprise to move:

Crown holistic enterprise



Business as usual strategyLeveraging strategy about our clients, end-users of products and wider ecosystem as a WHOLE
Lost customer focusRestored customer obsession end-to-end
Strategy execution is detached from operational daily business lifeDaily visual end-to-end discipline connects strategical and operational levels
Conflicting goals, measures and standards creates a silo performance thinking and behaviorsONE purpose. Horizontally aligned tactics, and measures. Responsible networking teams and collective knowledge about the ecosystem
Managers are in the firefighting mode, or only in the doing modeManagers proactively manage risks and consistently improve the system based on rapid PDCA experiments
Innovation is seen as the expensive, not necessary and uncontrollable processInnovation is a rapid controllable PDCA experiments embedded in the management system
People as a disposable asset and an object for developmentSenior management provides an infrastructure for nested self-management teams and support the system as holistic enterprise coaches
Leaders are reacting to the business changes from their functional viewsLeaders making decisions upon the system as a WHOLE, building the resilient business

Transform the business mindset in 10 days

We design the holistic enterprise by involving the key managers and people of your company, to secure a commitment and ownership from a very beginning.We begin to create the profound system knowledge with your management team.

It takes from 7-10 days to study your enterprise as a whole, and it ends with you mastering a new strategy planning, deployment, and integrating strategy execution into daily business life. 

We will guide you safely step by step throughout the process closely, working with leaders at both personal and enterprise level until the enterprise design can be implemented successfully.

You have a choice.
Connect the dots before it’s too late to change the game.

A Living Holistic Enterprise strategy was carried out successfully by us in 20 companies since 2012. These companies come from industries as: banking, the facility management, IT, the manufacturer of electronic devices, the furniture manufacturer, healthcare, education and aviation.

This transformation framework is exceptionally suitable for SMEs of up to 2000 people, all of which are looking to unite department leaders and management under one goal and move from mediocrity to exponential growth. Depending on the size and complexity of your ecosystem it can take 6-10 months of laying these foundations.

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